Wild Rose College Alumna

Flo Lavallie, Master Herbalist

After working in a hospital setting for 14 years, Flo obtained her Master Herbalist Diploma at the Wild Rose College in Calgary, Alberta. She is a certified Reflexologist, Sclerology, Rayid, Iridologist, Ear Candler and Kinesiologist.  Flo Lavallie has been in private practice for over 33 years in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Along with that she had a satellite practice in Humboldt for 17 years, and prior to that, had a satellite practice in Duck Lake for two years.

Flo’s approach to healing transcends conventional boundaries as she works with: individuals, families, organizations, and communities, and in the equine world as well. Flo takes her work into churches, schools, private homes, and community centres as well as hospitals and clinics.

Flo is a constant reminder that true holistic healing goes beyond the individual to healing the system. In addition to her very large & busy practice, she lobbies the government tirelessly in her efforts to build a holistic health facility for Saskatchewan: Companion Health Oasis Inc. and The Saskatoon Healing Connections Centre.

Flo has done a tremendous amount of work supporting her community. Her energy, resolve and dedication are a true testament to the power of herbalism and herbal medicine.

Flo Lavallie Wild Rose College Alumni

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