Wild Rose College Alumna

Hélène Chenard, Clinical Herbalist

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Hélène Chenard is a retired teacher with B.A. and B.Ed. degrees from the University of Saskatchewan. After many years of passionate interest in herbalism and natural health therapies, Hélène began studies for a clinical herbalist diploma at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in Calgary, Alberta in 2010. She completed her studies and received her diploma in October 2015.

Hélène has established a clinical practice in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and is a Registered Herbalist with the Alberta Herbalist’s Association.cHélène’s herbal protocols are carefully researched and developed to suit the unique health needs of each client. Support is offered to each client to help achieve health goals.

Hélène is also trained as an Aromatherapist, a Reflexologist, and Reiki practitioner.

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