Lauren Mary, Cl.H.

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Lauren Mary is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, and a Birth + Post Partum Doula from Edmonton, Alberta. She is owner of Elle Wellness, a brand founded out a place to deeply nourish women in all stages of life. The vision for Elle Wellness has always been to empower women to take back their power to heal by reinforcing them with the inherent wisdom of plant medicine so that we can make peace with our bodies, with each other, and with the Earth.

Her offerings include botanical beauty potions, plant remedies such as organic herbal teas and tinctures, fertility, pregnancy, post partum and baby care products.

When Lauren Mary isn’t in the apothecary crafting, you can find her teaching workshops on plant medicine, women’s health, or circling around the New Moon with her sister company, Moon Well, and mama to 2 herbal sprouts.

Learn More about Lauren Mary Ferrence and her formulations for Elle Wellness and Moon Well in Edmonton, AB.