Sandy Freeman, Herbalist


Sandy Freeman studied Herbology at the beginning when Terry Willard first started Wild Rose College of Natural healing. Later on in the 90s and 2000s Sandy worked alongside of Terry with Wild Rose Herbal products and Trophic for 14 years as an herbalist and mycologist in a large territory.

Sandy is a lifelong horseman, polo player and professional musician, and former professional athlete. He is a guitar tech, pro roadie, guitar collector and professional cowboy–“a jack of all trades, and master of most.”

Sandy has published articles in various publications such as Western Horseman, Polo, Healthy Directions on topics such as cowboys, polo and various health issues for horses and humans dating from 1985 to the present day.

Sandy works as a “medicine man to the stars and rich and poor” with a home base on the Quebec/Ontario Border. He is a travelling medicine man and bone setter who uses herbs, flower essences, and medicinal mushrooms along with knowledge and consideration for horses and humans.

“I also went to med school and declined papers–not my thing. I’m a free spirit, a “Freeman”, and I’m independent with no attachments–a throwback to the real old time healers. I help musicians, athletes, horse people and the less fortunate.”

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