Faculty Member

Bree Nabholz, Cl.H.


Meet your Instructor

Bree Nabholz, Cl.H.

Bree is the owner of Wild Yarrow Herbal Medicine Clinic & Dispensary in Edmonton, AB where she runs a general herbal medicine practice, with a focus on women’s reproductive health.

She is a Registered Professional Member of both the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and the Alberta Herbalist Association (AHA). She sat on the board of the Alberta Herbalist Association (AHA) for 3 years and helped organize the Alberta Herb Gathering in 2019 to unite herbalists across Alberta! She also sat as a board member for the Canadian Council of Herbal Associations (CCHA) for 3 years. While on the board, she traveled to Ottawa multiple times to liaise and consult with the federal government about important issues related to natural health products and access to natural medicines in Canada.

Bree received her training in Phytotherapy from Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. She has been practicing clinically for nearly 5 years, over which time she has offered over 10 workshops locally on topics including herbal energetics, medicine making, healthy hormones & herbs for women, stress & adaptogens, and more! I love providing education and herbal enthusiasm for my community!

Find more information here: www.wildyarrow.ca

Practicum Details & Availability

Bree mentors herbal students of all skill levels and runs her practicum blocks over two weeks (20 hours per week) in Edmonton, Alberta.