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Meet your Instructor

Petra Sovcov, DNM, CH

Petra is a Clinical Herbal Therapist (CHT), holds a Doctorate in Natural Medicine (DNM) and is a Certified DNA/SNP Analysis Consultant. Petra is a graduate of Dominion Herbal College and owns Healing House Natural Wellness, a multi modality wellness centre in New Westminster BC. Petra is passionate about facilitating an individual’s healing path and enjoys enriching a person’s core health with the use of herbs, supplements, dietary, and lifestyle modifications. Her special focus of study is on chronic inflammatory conditions/diseases along with chronic digestive upset, and the connection between mental health and the microbiome.

Apart from clinic and teaching, Petra is an avid gardener and sustainable small-scale food producer. She enjoys teaching out of her gardens and finds great meaning in sharing the message of sustainability with others. She is passionate about heirloom/native plant varieties, and domestic history, which she believes hold the solutions for the modern food crisis. Learn more about Petra here.

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