Clinical Herbalist

The Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship is where you gain in-person, supervised clinical hours under a practising herbalist. Whether your goal is to see clients or improve your formulating & diagnostic skills, these are invaluable skills to the herbalist in training.

Practicum Cost: $750

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Our Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Program pairs herbal students with clinical mentors for flexible and accessible practicums.

What is the Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Program?
What are your Covid Policies with In-Person Practicums?
How long is the Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Program?
What are the course and program prerequisites?
Can I transfer course credits from other schools?
What is the time commitment for one practicum block?
How many practicums do I have to do to get all my hours? What is the total investment?
What kinds of things might I do during a practicum?
Do I need to stay with the same practitioner for all of my clinical hours?
What do I do if there isn’t a practitioner located near me?