Clinical Herbalist

The Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship is where you gain in-person, supervised clinical hours under a practising herbalist. Whether your goal is to see clients or improve your formulating & diagnostic skills, these are invaluable skills to the herbalist in training.

*Note that our popular in-person Apprenticeship & Mentorship Program is currently paused. Check back in 2021 for updates.


Program Cost750$ per practicum

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Clinical Instructors

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The Wild Rose College Clinical Apprenticeship Program makes it easy to find and connect with the clinical mentor of your dreams. Gain clinical skills and develop your herbal practice.



Our Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Program pairs herbal students with clinical mentors for flexible and accessible practicums.

What are the course and program prerequisites?
Can I transfer course credits from other schools?
What are the Clinical Program prerequisites?
How long is the Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Program?
What is the Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Program?