Wild Harvesting


Join Yarrow Willard as he guides you on how to sustainably harvest plants for food and medicine. Learn the best practices and tools needed to forage plant parts ethically and safely; whether you harvest from your garden or the wild spaces around you.

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Wild Harvesting Herbs & Edibles

It’s time to start your adventure and learn all about the exciting world of harvesting with Wild Harvesting Herbs & Edibles. Firstly: explore ethics and sustainability to harvesting tips and techniques. Secondly, discover the tools you’ll require and considerations you’ll need to make before heading out into nature.

The result: in this online course you’ll learn how to connect with herbs in a way that will deepen your foraging experience.

Yarrow will cover how to harvest 40+ herbs (flowers, leaves, roots and fungi) commonly found in the wild and in gardens throughout North America. Learn valuable tips and regenerative herbal practices around foraging and harvesting to ensure these plants continue to flourish and so we can all enjoy the wild harvest for years to come.

Why learn about harvesting? 

Harvesting plants sustainably and safely is an essential part of the role of a herbalist or nature lover. Not only will these skills allow you to craft your own plant medicine but they will also enable you to build a profound connection and relationship with the natural world around you.

Who is this course for?

Wild Harvesting Herbs & Edibles is an accessible course for folks with various levels of plant knowledge. It is invaluable if you:

  • are new to foraging and don’t know where to start
  • want to learn from an expert how to forage and harvest with care and intention in the most sustainable way
  • are seeking a deeper relationship and connection with plants rather than just simply identifying them
  • need to acquire the knowledge of properly drying and storing your leaves, flowers and aerial parts to get the best quality out of your harvest
  • desire some inspiration on what to do with your wild forage or garden harvest
  • know plants academically or can easily ID dried material, but want to learn how to get to know the plants in their natural environment to be knowledgable through all phases of herbal medicine

Join us!

Wild Harvesting Herbs and Edibles: Building a connected and sustainable practice

Lesson 1: Introduction to Wild Harvesting || 1 Video Lesson

Lesson 2: Plant Connection & Harvesting Ethics || 6 Video Lessons

  • Plant connections & medicine path alignment
  • How do we approach plant communities?
  • Asking for permission to harvest

Lesson 3: Harvesting Safety & Tools || 2 Video Lessons

  • Pollutants & toxins
  • Toxic lookalikes
  • Toxic plant parts
  • At-risk plants
  • How much should I harvest?
  • Seasonality & harvesting times
  • What should be considered when choosing a harvest time?
  • Tools (the forager’s article)

Lesson 4: Harvesting & Processing || 11 Video Lessons

  • Best practices for individual part plants

Lesson 5: Building a Relationship with the Wild || 3 Video Lessons

  • The herbalist’s role as a medicine bridge
  • The imaginal realm & plant communication 

Lesson 6: Conclusion || 1 Video Lesson

Bonus Videos

  • Elderflower Cordial Video Recipe
  • St. John’s Wort Oil and Tincture Video Recipe
  • Fruit Wines made Easy
  • Wild Medicine & Land Stewardship
  • Closing of the Veils
  • Shoots & Roots – A Spring Herb Walk
  • Beware of Wild Beasts
  • Cedar
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Stranger Plants of the Forest Floor
  • Willow Bark Medicine, Magic & more
  • Yellow Dock Medicine
  • Oyster Mushroom, Food, Medicine & more
  • Self-Heal, a mighty little helper
  • The Healing Powers of Goldenrod
  • Alder Tree Medicine
  • Burdock: Root of Vitality
  • St. John’s Wort, Medicine for the People

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Learn how to properly forage and harvest 25+ Herbs (flowers and leaves) from your garden or in the wild
  • Learn responsible harvesting practices from an experienced forager
  • Unpack foraging ethics: learn the most ethical and responsible way to work with plants and  how to be aware of your environment
  • Learn valuable tips and regenerative herbal practices around foraging
  • Connect with the spirit of the plants you are foraging to deepen your experience
  • Learn how to properly dry and process your herbs and how to get the best quality out of your harvest
  • Get some inspiration on what to do with your wild forage or garden harvest
  • Discover the best methods on how to store roots, mushrooms, flowers and aerial parts from an experienced herbalist
  • Learn about the best tools to use and when to use them during your forage

Meet Your Instructor

After graduating from Wild Rose College as Clinical Herbalist, Yarrow Willard moved to Vancouver Island where he started his Herbal Jedi Youtube channel. He co-founded Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary with fellow WRC Alumni & wife Angela Willard in 2008. He is an avid herb grower, forager and medicine maker.

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Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Yarrow Willard, Cl.H., is a Wild Rose Alumnus, Instructor, and current college Director. He's co-owner/creative visionary behind Harmonic Arts.

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