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Welcome to gardening. And welcome to access to herbs and to herbalism for everyone! Here at Wild Rose, we want to encourage you to Start Where You Are At.

And exactly where are you at? Feeling daunted by where to start on your herbal path? Feel like it might only be for rural or back-to-the land earthy kinda folks? Or that herbalism is something you can only do when your kids get older, or you get some land, or, or or (insert limiting belief here)? Because the truth is that you can literally start wherever you are at. In whichever phase of life you are in, and physically & geographically speaking- anywhere!

There’s lots of opportunities to access herbalism and plant medicine in the city-no need to wait until you acquire some land or move to the bush! And we are talking about plants that are easy to grow, low maintenance, not all that susceptible to pests, generally have low water requirements, and have a long relationship with people that goes back thousands and thousands of years.

Why not start on this journey today?

01 – Introduction to the Urban Medicine Garden

02 – Medicine Wheel Garden (P.S. No spiders were harmed in the making of this video <3)
03 – Pan Around the Medicine Wheel Garden
04 – Focus on Echinacea
05 – Focus on Echinacea & the Value of Home Made Medicine
06 – Herb Spiral Introduction
07 – Herb Spiral Part 2: Talking Leaf Mulch & Tips for Overwintering Tender Plants
08 – Urban Burdock Stewardship
09 – Blossoms & The Pleasures of Harvesting
10 – Drying Room Tour
11 – Apothecary Tour Intro with Dionne & Megan
12 – A quick look around the Apothecary
13 – Why Is This Important To You?
14 – Advocating for the Plants, Making Room for Endangered Plants & Wild Urban Spaces
15 – Urban Garden & Herbal Inspiration, Committing to the Plants & Finding The Plant People

Get inspiration and real application tips on how to create your own urban medicine garden wherever you live. Our Free Urban Medicine Garden Tour with Herbalists Dionne L Jennings and Megan Relling, a botanical tattoo artist and urban gardener, brings you on a journey through Megan’s urban medicine garden in Edmonton, Canada.

Meet Your Instructors

Meet your instructors for the FREE Urban Medicine Garden Tour: Dionne L Jennings and Megan Relling.

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Dionne Jennings, CH

Dionne Jennings is a Community Herbalist with a mission to connect plants & people. She's a scholar of Ukrainian Folk Herbalism & Healing.

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