Urban Medicine Garden

Dream of building your own urban medicine garden? Join Urban Community Herbalists Dionne Jennings & Megan Relling for this free series.

Herbalists are sorely needed in urban centres, as is herbal medicine. Get inspiration and practical advice on growing and creating quality herbal medicine from an urban apothecary garden.


Join Community Herbalist Dionne as she tours Megan's Urban Apothecary Garden in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (That's Zone 3, folks!)

Watch interviews, meet medicine plants, learn caretaking & stewardship in an urban environment, tips for setting up a home apothecary, and more.

15 video lessons
60+ Medicinal herbs
Urban Medicine Garden Grow Guide
Apothecary tour
Herbal medicine making
Herbal Remedy Recipes
No Quizzes or Final Exam
Lifetime access to content
Mobile and desktop compatible

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Whether you are already working with and admire the magic of plants, or you are starting from the beginning following your curiosity or soul’s longing- the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program will empower you with the knowledge to support yourself, your friends and your family with Herbal Medicine.

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