Herbology 101


Herbology 101 begins your journey with Vitalism & Physiology while touching on some herbal history. It then flows through Botany and Plant ID, working up to the systems of the body with their major accompanying herbs and herbal actions. Your journey concludes with flower essences and the foundations of herbal formulation.

90+ herbs 12+ herbal actions
44 flower essences + 7 formulas
174 Videos
15 Lessons
15 Quizzes
Final Exam
Lifetime Access to Content with 1 Year to Complete
3 Month Access to Herbal Village
Mobile and Desktop Compatible
Certificate of Completion

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Herbalism was the original system of medicine. It boasts a long line of intriguing characters in its history from scientists, alchemists and healers to wise women, witches, and medicine men and women. Herbology 101 is the beginning of your initiation into this history.

This eclectic diversity remains in Herbal Medicine. Academic scientists continue to research plant medicine, while everyday folk continue to grow and use herbs for their families and loved ones. There are still many people around the world using plants in traditional ways. In many parts of the world, botanical medicines still comprises the primary form of health care.

Herbology 101 introduces the concept that many healing systems, including the modern (w)holistic model, don’t treat specific diseases. We deal with the body as a whole, seeking to restore health in the whole of the body, mind and spirit.

Herbology 101: Is This Course For Me?

This course is for you if:

-You are starting right from scratch on your herbal journey

-Or you have already started to learn some medicinal plants and their uses and want to expand on that

….either way, you would like to start off on the right foot with a solid foundation in herbal medicine

It is available to anyone who wants more understanding of the systems of the body and herbs and actions that are used to treat them.

Herbology 101 is the gateway course for all Wild Rose courses and programs–dip your toes further into your interest in herbs and plant medicine and register today!

Herbology 101 is the first foundational course (1 of 9) of the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program. It may be taken on its own or bundled as part of the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program.

Not sure if you are ready to dive into the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program? Start with its foundational course Herbology 101.

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10 Videos Total: 4 video lessons plus 6 bonus lessons
Lesson 1: Plant ID and Classification
19 Videos Total: 12 video lessons plus 7 bonus videos
Lesson 2: Biochemical Mysteries
6 videos total: 5 video lessons plus 1 bonus video
Lesson 3: Digestive System and Tonics
18 Videos total: 15 video lessons and 3 bonus videos
Lesson 4: Physiology of Blood and Stimulants
12 videos Total (9 video lessons and 3 bonus videos)
Lesson 5: Elimination and Diaphoretics
13 videos total: 11 video lessons with 2 bonus videos
Lesson 6: The Kidneys, Liver, Renal Function and Diuretics
10 Videos total: 8 video lessons plus 2 bonus field videos
Lesson 7: The Respiratory System, Expectorants and Demulcents
12 Videos Total: 11 Video Lessons plus 1 bonus video
Lesson 8: The Colon, Cathartics and Anthelmintics
18 Videos Total (15 video lessons plus 3 bonus videos)
Lesson 9: The Nervous System, Nervines and Antispasmodics
12 Videos Total: 9 video lessons plus 3 bonus videos
Lesson 10: The Defense System, Alteratives and Antiscorbutics
9 Video Lessons
Lesson 11: The Lymphatic System and Astringents
8 Video Lessons
Lesson 12: The Reproductive System and Emmenogogues
10 Video Lessons
Lesson 13: The Endocrine Flower Essence System
3 Video Lessons; 44 Flower Essences, & 7 Flower Essence Formulas
Lesson 14: Additional Herbs
12 Videos Total: 9 video lessons plus 3 bonus videos
Lesson 15: Herbal Formulation and Collection
2 Video Lessons

You will acquire a solid introduction and foundation to your herbal studies. Learn about the vital energy of plants and the human body, to consider herbs according to their actions and their effects on the mind and body, as well as learning the foundational botany required to learn to effectively identify the medicinal plants you are learning with.

You will gain knowledge and confidence in your ability to assess which systems of the body are affected and which herbs work effectively on those systems, as well as tools to address the emotional body and it’s connection to disease processes.

In a clearly presented format using a wholistic and systems approach to herbal medicine you will learn:

-Basic botany for identifying plants
-The function and design of each body system
-The vital energy of the body and energetics of herbs; introduction to chi, solar energy, as well as the life force energy of herbal medicine
-The actions and therapeutic uses of major herbs used in western Herbology for each body system (90+ herbs & 44 Flower Essences)
-Basic principles of physiological functioning & homeostasis of the systems of the body
-How to design herbal formulas
-Essential groundwork & practical information for self treatment
-Herbs in their natural environment with our 30 bonus “in the field” videos

Once you have completed this course, you have the skills to:

-Start to key out plants in the field
-Identify 30+ medicinal plants
-Understand the mechanisms of at least 5 plants per body system
-Start to create herbal formulas
-Understand what flower essences are and how they work
-How to harvest and dry herbs
-Continue with more intermediate herbal studies (like upgrading to our Practical Herbalist Diploma Program)
-Work in a health food store
-Start to treat minor ailments for yourself and your family
-…and more!

Meet the Instructors

Meet your two instructors for Herbology 101: father and son team, Dr. Terry Willard, PhD, Cl.H, & Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.


Dr. Terry Willard, PhD

Dr. Terry Willard PhD, Cl.H. is the founder & former director of Wild Rose Herbal College, and has been in clinical practice for almost 40 years.

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Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Yarrow Willard, Cl.H., is a Wild Rose Alumnus, Instructor, and current college Director. He's co-owner/creative visionary behind Harmonic Arts.

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