Team Member

Jacqui Calfountzos

Student Services Manager


Jacqui (she/her) boasts an illustrious half-decade tenure with Wild Rose College, where her multifaceted expertise as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist has flourished. Guided by an unwavering reverence for the innate wisdom of plants, Jacqui adeptly channels this knowledge into bespoke counsel for each individual. With an affinity for the delicate art of tea appreciation, she indulges her penchant for inquiry over comforting libations. Beyond her role as a compassionate query-handler and adept guide through academic currents, Jacqui’s hours gracefully intertwine with literature immersion, crafting botanical elixirs, and seeking refuge at the confluence of mountains and sea. Amid the lively tapestry of local farmers markets, she derives pure contentment. Hailing from Victoria, BC, as an herbalist, she extends profound gratitude to the Lekwungen People—the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations communities—for allowing us to live, work and play upon their sacred lands.

Jacqui manages student services, admissions, and college administration at Wild Rose Herbal College.