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Meet your Instructor

Megan Relling, MH

Megan is the Herbalist behind Wild Fox Herbals.  From a young age, she has been surrounded by nature and the garden which has created a lifelong love affair and unfolding path.  After completing her Apprenticeship with Abrah Arneson she started a small clinical practice where she uses Iridology, and Astrology to help look deeper into a person’s constitution. This helps her to create individual protocols for her clients to help them create a more balanced and holistic way of being that is rooted in a connection to themselves and the healing power within. She wants to be a bridge for her clients to the plant world, and all that Herbal medicine has to offer.

Her passion is plants, growing them, and creating small-batch medicines to offer her clients in her protocols. She is currently studying Herbalism for Pets so she can also be of service to the precious animals in our lives.

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