Botany for Herbalists

Using pattern recognition, learn key identifying features of the major plant families, from leaf shape arrangement, flowers and more. Learn the basics of Botany and how to identify medicinal plants with Botany for Herbalists.

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Botany for Herbalists is designed as an adventurous journey with plants. The goal: to understand the plant king/queendom–but through the lens of herbal medicine.

Botany for Herbalists takes an ecological approach, and celebrates the incredible communication and intelligence of plants.

This is not another dry and boring Botany course that just teaches the black and white script of Latin binomial names. Learn to see plants as living Beings that help us on our Healing Journey.

Relying heavily on the science of botany and evolution, we tailor this course specifically for the Herbalist. Even though we deal thoroughly with plant identification, botanical keys and structures of plants, it is also filled with interesting stories of how we can interact and develop relationships with them.

Tell Me More about Botany for Herbalists

Half of the Botany for Herbalists course is designed to give you a good solid understanding of how the science of plants work.

The other half relies heavily on the textbook Botany in a Day, so you will be able to identify over 45,000 plants that can be found around North America and Europe. We take the well-tested family approach of learning patterns to help you get a broad view of the plant families fast.

It comes with a workbook of over 167 pages, over 75 videos and accompanied with a 236 page textbook (Botany in a Day, sold separately).

All of this is designed so the Herbalist can use the most important tools of their trade – plants.


Lesson 1 — Plant Cells

Lesson 2 — Plant Tissue

Lesson 3 — Plant Organs

Lesson 4 — Plant Metabolism

Lesson 5 — Life is Movement

Lesson 6 — Reproduction

Part 2 — Plant ID

Part 2 — Learn Families — Seeing Patterns

Part 2 — Using the Key

Part 2 — Plants Families of Interest

No Final Exam

This course is designed so that you the Herbalist can use the most important tools of your trade – plants.

Upon course completion, you will have learned a simple and effective systems approach to Botany and Plant ID. Learn all the major plant families relevant to you as an Herbalist, identifying leaf shapes, leaf arrangement, flower types specific to each family and more.

You will be comfortable outdoors recognizing many of the plants and trees around you. You will understand how to key out plants totally new to you-developing a relationship with the plant world and creating important plant allies.

Botany For Herbalists

Meet Your Instructor

Meet your Botany for Herbalists instructor.


Dr. Terry Willard, PhD

Dr. Terry Willard PhD, Cl.H. is the founder & former director of Wild Rose Herbal College, and has been in clinical practice for almost 40 years.

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