Herbology Advanced

Advanced Herbology is where we examine plant medicine though the lens of chemistry. Learn how carbohydrates, lipids, resins, alkaloids, volatile oils in plant medicine interact with the body and influence the functioning of our physiology.

86+ Herbs
120+ Video Lessons
10 Lessons
10 Quizzes
Final Exam
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Herbology Advanced expands on the Body Systems approach to Herbs and Herbal Medicine introduced in Herbology 101.

Building on the concept of looking at plant remedies through the lens of the major body systems they affect, we now examine our herbs through the lens of chemistry.

Learn which herbs contain which plant constituents, from resins to volatile oils, to learning organic acids, alkaloids, and more.

Learn how this knowledge can be applied to formulating herbs, as well as learning solubility in terms of crafting plant medicines.

Is Herbology Advanced For Me?

Herbology Advanced is a foundational course and part of the course requirements for the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program.

It can be taken as a stand alone course if you are looking to deepen your understanding of the plant chemicals our medicines produce and how they interact with and influence our own physiological functioning.


Lesson 1: A Foundation in Chemistry (12 Video Lessons)

Lesson 2: Carbohydrates (15/16 Video Lessons)

Lesson 3: Glycosides (26 Video Lessons)

Lesson 4: Organic acids, Aromatic acids and tannins (5 Video Lessons)

Lesson 5: Lipids (16 Video Lessons)

Lesson 6: Volatile Oils (11 Video Lessons)

Lesson 7: Resins (9 video lessons)

Lesson 8: Terpenoids, Sterols, Cardiac Glycosides, Porphyrins (6 video lessons)

Lesson 9: Alkaloids (13 video lessons)

Lesson 10: Quality Control & Product Manufacturing (8 video lessons)

Final Exam

Learn how knowledge of medicinal herbs through chemical groups can be applied to understanding their affects on our body tissues, organs & systems.

Knowing your plant constituents and chemical groups is also important for formulating herbs, as well as learning solubility in terms of crafting plant medicines.

You will learn more about the major cautions and contraindications in Western Herbalism, and complete this course with confidence around the important foundations of plant medicine.

Meet Your Instructor

Meet your instructor for Herbology Advanced:  Dr. Terry Willard, PhD, Cl.H. Dr. Terry Willard founded Wild Rose College in 1979 and has been in private clinical practice for almost 40 years.


Dr. Terry Willard, PhD

Dr. Terry Willard PhD, Cl.H. is the founder & former director of Wild Rose Herbal College, and has been in clinical practice for almost 40 years.

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