Top 10 Herbs for 2022


Meet 10 of our top Herbs for 2022. Learn to think like a herbalist by understanding how to see plants through the lens of the Herbal Actions (aka Herbal Superpowers) that are particularly relevant to supporting our physical and mental health at this time. Bonus: Learn Water vs. Alcohol for Potions Making 101!

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Top 10 Herbs for 2022 (…and Bonus Medicine Making Hacks) | We often see people who have taken herbal courses, self-studied, and learned from a lot of social channels. (And we know there are some excellent ones out there!)

It is almost the norm now to start learning herbalism via a piecemeal approach through the power of the digital age–with instant access to herbal teachers and traditional teachings from across the globe on youtube, insta, TikTok, and more.

The connectivity we have in the digital age is amazing–incredible, in fact! Especially when it comes to knowledge sharing.

However, the ways we tend to access information and learn now is soundbite sized. When it comes to learning herbs and learning them well, a deeper initiation and apprenticeship is required—like how we traditionally would have learned plant medicine from our mothers, grandmothers, or an elder in our community.

We see a lot of folks who may know a lot about certain parts of herbal medicine, but lack the overarching framework and some key pieces to practicing herbalism successfully.

We see common gaps in foundational areas, and confusion around things like:
  • How to narrow your herbs down via their myriad of Herbal Superpowers–aka Herbal Actions 
  • How to use and apply the herbs once you’ve chosen them 
  • How to decide between water or alcohol to make effective medicine
  • How to decide what type of herbal medicine you are going to work with for maximum efficiency

Which is why we created our “Top 10 Herbs of 2022 (Plus Bonus Medicine Making Hacks) mini course—designed to help you take your herbalism to the next level.

Get your free downloadable ebook, charts, monographs + more!

Also: view bonus medicine making video lessons with your host Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.–Wild Rose college director and Herbal Pharmacy Instructor.

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Top 10 Herbs for 2022 Downloadable Ebook (34 pages)

Includes 10 mini monographs for:
-Milky Oats
-Reishi Mushroom
-California Poppy
-German Chamomile

-Video: Welcome from College Director Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Lesson #1 – Introduction to Solvents
-Video: Introduction to Solvents for Medicine Making
-Free Chart: Top Solvents to Have on Hand

Lesson #2 – Infusions
-Video: Hot Infusions
-Video: Cold Infusions
-Video: Sun Tea

Lesson #3 – Decoctions
-Video: Introduction to Decoctions
-Video: Labrador Tea Decoction

In our Top 10 Herbs Mini Course you will:

  • Learn 10 simple yet powerful Herbs to support us through the unique challenges of 2022 that you can easily grow or source
  • Through the lens of their Herbal Actions (aka Superpowers) learn what these plants have to offer (and others you can easily substitute!)
  • Get a crash course in understanding basic medicine making: when to use water vs. alcohol for our 10 herbs…and *all* herbs

Do you feel confident that you will have success with the beautiful herbs you grow to have success with Herbal Medicine?

Do you have the knowledge to take herbs you are ordering online and turn them into powerful healing remedies…that actually work?

Do you want to elevate your herbal game above the surface level and soundbites you can get from social channels and YouTube for a comprehensive framework to successfully use herbs for tangible results?

Are you passionate about upgrading our healthcare model to a more holistic framework? From utilizing science-based folk medicine we can use at home, to more complex health conditions and integrating traditional medicines to upgrade our healthcare at a larger scale?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this free mini-course is for you.



Meet Your Instructors

Meet your author for the free Wild Rose College mini-course Top 10 Herbs for 2022 (& Bonus Medicine Making Hacks): Dionne Jennings, Communications Manager with Wild Rose College.

Bonus: also featuring bonus video content from our Herbal Pharmacy course with your guide and instructor, Wild Rose College Director, Yarrow Willard Cl.H.

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Dionne Jennings, CH

Dionne Jennings is a Community Herbalist with a mission to connect plants & people. She's a scholar of Ukrainian Folk Herbalism & Healing.

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Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Yarrow Willard, Cl.H., is a Wild Rose Alumnus, Instructor, and current college Director. He's co-owner/creative visionary behind Harmonic Arts.

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