Traditional Ayervedic Medicine

Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine


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This course provides an overview of the theory and practices of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, including the Five Element theory (panchabuthas), humoral and structural theories (tridosha & sapla dhatu), constitution (prakriti), daily and seasonal regimens (dinacharya & rutacharya), dietetics, pharmacology (dravyguna), the causes of disease (nidana), diagnostics (pariksha), and the principles of treatment.

As a new student to the practice of Ayurveda, this course will help to bring awareness about one’s own body and innate constitution, bio‐rhythms, nutritional balance, daily and seasonal routines, suitable exercises, and susceptibility to diseases. Students should be aware that the use of Sanskrit language can be overwhelming. We emphasize that understanding the concepts and ideas represented by Ayurveda should be of primary importance, not the language itself.

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Course Syllabus

Included:  13 Lessons – 13 Quizzes – Final Exam – Official Letter of Completion


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