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Get all the tools to make effective Cannabis Medicine. Create your own cannabis-based products (Medicine Making Mini-Course). Learn cannabis constituents, the ECS system & how to dose (Cannabis for Healthcare Providers), & how to grow, harvest & propagate cannabis for medicine (Cannabis Cultivation).

24 Total Lessons; 82 Videos
1 Year to Complete
Lifetime Access to all Content
3 Month Access to Herbal Village
All courses mobile + desktop compatible
Cultivation & Medicine Making:
-0 Quizzes; 0 Final Exams
Cannabis for Healthcare Providers:
-12 Quizzes & Final Exam
Certificate of Completion for all courses

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Learn more about the 3 courses that make up the essential Cannabis Course Bundle:

Cannabis for Healthcare Providers is an introduction to cannabis’ history, influence, and how its therapeutic qualities can be used for a wide variety of health conditions. Cannabis has been used by humans for many millennia for fiber, food, medicine and recreational purposes. Learn about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which works with  plant constituents specific to cannabis. Dive deep into the applications of Cannabis as medicine. Learn contraindications, cautions, as well as dosage suggestions for specific conditions.

Receive a thorough instructional videos in how to grow cannabis from seed to harvest in our latest offering: Cannabis Cultivation. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, this course educates you in soil preparation, botany, mold detection, breeding, cloning, pollination, harvesting, and more. Cannabis is a unique plant with specific growing methods; knowledge of growing & harvesting other herbs does not necessarily cross-over to cannabis. If you’ve ever been interested in growing cannabis, this is the roadmap you need.

The Cannabis Medicine Making Mini-Course perfectly complements Cannabis Cultivation as teaches you to utilize the medicine you have grown. Whether you are currently buying from a government authorized dispensary or are working on cultivating a healthy plant (or plants) of your own, this mini-course will provide you with step-by-step instructions to make your own internal and external therapeutic cannabis preparations.

Together, the 3 courses in our Cannabis Course Bundle give you all the information to master all areas of cannabis and cannabis medicine.


Cannabis Cultivation:

Course Introduction || 1 video

Lesson 1 – Seeds  || 3 Videos
1.1 Selecting the seeds

Lesson 2 – Propagation || 5 Videos
2.1 Germination
2.2 Transplanting
2.3 Cloning

Lesson 3 – Indoor or Outdoor || 5 Videos
3.1 Indoor
3.2 Outdoor

Lesson 4 – Planting Out || 9 Videos
4.1 Soil
4.2 Watering
4.3 Pruning

Lesson 5 – Botany || 6 Videos
5.1 Vegetative and flowering stages
5.2 Confusions in terminology

Lesson 6 – Harvesting & Curing || 6 Videos
6.1 The indicators
6.2 Mold detection
6.3 Drying in the dark
6.4 Curing

Lesson 7 – Breeding || 5 Videos
7.1 Pollen collection
7.2 Being the pollinator
7.3 Collecting & storing seeds

Cannabis Medicine Making Mini-Course:

Course Introduction

Lesson 1 – Making Oil Infusions and gummies

Lesson 2 – Cannabis Oil Extracts

Lesson 3 -Value added-products

Cannabis for Healthcare Providers:

Course Introduction

Lesson One: A Brief History of Cannabis Use (2 Video Lessons)
A Brief History of Cannabis Use
-The First Cannabis Plant
-The Earliest Direct Evidence of Plant Use
-Cannabis Use in Eurasia
-Holy Oil
-Cannabis Use in China & Western Mongolia

Western World History
-Claudius Galen & Pliny the Elder
-17th Century Use
-Pharmaceutical Products Featuring Cannabis
-Cannabis Prohibition in Canada
-Reefer Madness

Lesson Two: Cannabis is a whole Community of Personalities-an “Entourage” (4 Video Lessons)
Keeping Cannabis Research Alive
-Raphael Mechoulam
-Cannabis is a whole Community of Personalities
-Kali & Shiva Archetypes & Plant Devas
-Complex Nature of Cannabis

Introduction to Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
-Components of Endocannabinoid System & How Cannabinoids Work
-Introduction to Choosing Phytocannabinoids

Effects of the Underground Cannabis Industry 1
-Cannabis & the Legal & Political System
-Cultivators & Cannabis Breeding
-Cannabis Followers

Effects of the Underground Cannabis Industry 2
-Ego to Elixir
-Vital Energy of Cannabis
-Beyond THC

Lesson Three: A Closer Look at the Phytocannabinoids (2 Video Lessons)
Phytocannabinoid 1
-THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
-CBD (Cannabidiol)
-Phytocannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants

Phytocannabinoid 2
-CBG (Cannabigerol) & CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid)
-CBC (Cannabichromine)
-CBN (Cannabinol)
-THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)
-2 Acid Phytocannabinoids: CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid) & THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid)

Lesson Four: Terpenes & Flavonoids (2 Video Lessons)
Terpenes 1
-Introduction to 8 Common Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Cis-ocimene, Terpinolene, Linalool, Humulene, Caryophyllene; Terpenes & the Blood-Brain Barrier

Terpenes 2
-Diving Deeper into the Individual Terpenes: Properties, Herbal Actions, & Indications: Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Terpineol, Linalool, Humulene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene; Flavonoids

Lesson 5: A Deeper Look at the Endocannabinoid System  (3 Video Lessons)
Endocannabinoid System Video 1
-The Endocannabinoid System: Purpose, Components; Discovery of First Cannabinoids; Cannabinoid Receptors: CB1 Actions, Location and Activity in the Body

Endocannabinoid System Video 2
-CB2 Receptor Sites: Actions, Location & Activity in the Body; Functions of the ECS; Endocannabinoid Activity: pain, in the brain, bone formation, connective tissue health, immune system modulation, neoplasm, embryology, digestive system regulation, liver function

Endocannabinoid System Video 3
-Endocannabinoid Activity: appetite and eating; Endocannabinoid deficiency: Fibromyalgia, migraines, IBS, Metabolic Syndrome; Other Influences on the Endocannabinoid System (Pharmaceuticals, Botanicals, Ethanol); Lifestyle Effects on ECS; Bodywork & the ECS

Lesson 6 Cannabis Botany (4 Video Lessons)
Cannabis Botany 1
– Introduction to Cannabaceae Family: Humulus, Cannabis & Celtis genus; Sativa, Indica & Ruderalis Species/Hybrids; Cannabis ID basics, Growth Forms, Leaf Patterns

Cannabis Botany 2
– Photoperiod: Vegetative & Flowering Stage; Intro to Controlled Environment Cultivation

Cannabis Botany 3
-Plant Sex; Feminized/Auto Flowering Plants; First Flowers

Cannabis Botany 4
-Cannabis Flowers Continued; Anatomy of a Cannabis Flower, Racemes, Trichomes, Seeds

Lesson 7: Types of Cannabis (2 Video Lessons)
Types of Cannabis 1
    -Genetic Complexities: Cannabis indica, sativa, & ruderalis; Industrial Hemp vs. Cannabis, Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

Types of Cannabis 2
    -Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD continued: the entourage effect related to CBD use; Cannabis Terminology: Genotype, Phenotype, Chemotype, Cultivar & New Proposed Naming System in Canada: Type I, Type II, Type III

Lesson 8 Methods of Consumption (4 Video Lessons)
Methods of Consumption 1
-Introduction: Inhalation, Ingestion, Sublingual, Suppository, Absorption; “Start Low & Go Slow”; Considerations for Choosing MOC; CBG & Juicing; Methods for Inhalation, Inhalation Effects,

Methods of Consumption 2
-Inhalation: Effects, Indications & Cautions; Smoking vs. Vaporizing; Vaporizing & Styles of Vaporizers; Vaporizing Temperatures and Cannabinoids

Methods of Consumption 3
    -Ingestion: Effects, Indications & Cautions; Contrast of Metabolism of Ingestion vs. Inhalation

Methods of Consumption 4
    -Sublingual: Effects, Indications & Cautions; Suppository: Effects, Indications & Cautions; Absorption (Topical): Effects, Indications & Cautions; Multiple MOC approach

Lesson 9: Cautions (2 Video Lessons)
Cannabis Cautions 1
    -Cautions: Brain Development, Inexperienced Users, Elderly, Advanced Cardiopulmonary Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Mental Health Disorders

Cannabis Cautions 2
    -Cautions: Pregnancy & Lactation, Allergic & Adverse Reactions; Side Effects vs. Desired Effects; THC Tolerance; THC Sensitivity

Lesson 10: Antidotes (6 Video Lessons)
Antidote 1: One Toke Over the Line
-Considerations for THC ingestion: Placebo vs. Nocebo, Time as Remedy; Overdose Options from History; Exploring Antidotes: Lemons (Limonene), Calamus Root,

Antidote 2
    -Exploring Antidotes Cont’d: Pinene, Black Pepper, CDB, Medicinal Mushrooms, Food & Cold Water

Antidote 3
    -Toxic Effects of High THC Consumption; Exploring Clinical Manifestations of Excess Consumption

Antidote 4
    -Street Drugs commonly used in Conjunction with Cannabis; Toxic Effects of High THC Consumption; Pre-Existing Mental Illnesses & Cannabis Use; Revisiting CBD as Antidote to THC Overconsumption; Exploring CBG, THCV, CBDV, & CBN as antidotes

Antidote 5
    -Action Plan to Reduce THC Symptoms; Conflicting Symptoms of THC Overdose; Conflicting Terpenes with Overdosing

Antidote 6
    -Pharmacokinetics & Delivery Systems for Symptom Reduction Formulas: Inhalation, Sublingual, Intranasal, Topical Absorption

Lesson 11: Dosing Basic Guidelines For CBD & THC for Some Common Ailments
 (7 Video Lessons)

Cannabis Dosing 1
    -Introduction to & Considerations for Cannabis Dosing: Method of Consumption, Potency of Product, Age of Product, Contaminants, Packaging of Product, Absorption Rate, Target Area of Desired Outcome; Dosing Checklist; Choosing Route of Consumption

Cannabis Dosing 2
    Choosing Route of Consumption-speed of delivery, length of effects; Ingestion & Inhalation in Tandem; Introduction to Microdosing; Monitoring Dosage; Basic CBD & THC Dosing

Cannabis Dosing 3
    -Introduction to Specific Health Conditions: Revisiting & Diving Deeper into Antidotes Before Dosing Conditions

Cannabis Dosing 4
-Antidoting Edibles

Cannabis Dosing 5
    -Dosing Protocols for Specific Health Conditions: Anxiety, Appetite Loss & Nausea, Autoimmune Issues, Chronic Pain

Cannabis Dosing 6
    -Dosing Protocols for Specific Health Conditions: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) & Conjunctive Medicinal Mushroom use, Insomnia, Menstrual Issues (PMS, Cramping, Endometriosis), Migraine Headaches

Cannabis Dosing 7
    -Dosing Protocols for Specific Health Conditions: Social Anxiety, Seizure Disorders; Cannabis Dosing Summary

Lesson 12: Summary (1 Video Lesson)
-Cannabis for Health Care Professionals Course Summary From Terry Willard

The Cannabis Course Bundle offers a large scope of learning outcomes. From learning to cultivate from seed to harvest, to exploring DIY medicine-making, in addition to getting a deep dive into the therapeutic capabilities of this healing plant, this bundle goes above and beyond an introductory base of knowledge.

You will learn hands-on from the experts, what you need and why. Here is a comprehensive list of what you will learn:   

Cannabis For Health Care Providers is an introductory and yet highly comprehensive course. You will complete the course with a strong foundational understanding of cannabis medicine and its potential applications for yourself, your clients, or patients under your care.

Once completed, you will have an understanding of:

-Phytocannabinoids and their interaction with our endogenous cannabinoid system
-The Entourage Effect and why this it is important for best clinical outcomes
-How best to differentiate and choose species, cultivars and terpene profiles for therapeutic use
-Methods of Delivery: Inhalation, Ingestion, Sublingual, Suppositories & Topical Absorption
-Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD
-Basic dosing guidelines for CBD & THC
-Protocols and dosing for many common chronic heath conditions
-Contraindications, Cautions, and Antidotes
-…and more

Cannabis Cultivation:

This course introduces you to the basics of growing cannabis (both indoor and outdoors), for use recreationally and medicinally. You will be guided through specific techniques of seeding, planting, harvesting and curing your cannabis plants in order to grow healthy and potent plants. You also learn how to propagate and pollinate your plants to create future generations.

Cannabis Medicine Making Mini-Course:

This Medicine Making Mini-Course will guide you through creating a variety of effective DIY Cannabis preparations.

Learn how to make the following therapeutic products:
-oil infusions
-FECO or Full Extract Cannabis Oil (Also known as Phoenix Tears)
-topical preparations including lotion, potions, ointments, and balms

Meet The Instructors

Meet Your Instructors: College Founder Dr. Terry Willard PhD.

Contributing Researcher, Wild Rose Alumna, Instructor, & former College Manager Jeananne Laing, Master & Clinical Herbalist.

Contributing Researcher and Wild Rose Faculty member, Alexandra Luppold.



Dr. Terry Willard, PhD

Dr. Terry Willard PhD, Cl.H. is the founder & former director of Wild Rose Herbal College, and has been in clinical practice for almost 40 years.

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Alexandra Luppold Open Arms 1 1

Alexandra Luppold

Alexandra is a German Garden Master & Instructor for Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden. She farms organically on Vancouver Island.

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