Cannabis Cultivation


Learn basic to advanced methods of growing medicinal cannabis, both indoors and out. Become proficient in seeding, planting, harvesting and curing your plants. Gain competence in understanding the botany of the cannabis plant and knowing how to propagate and pollinate to create future generations of vibrant medicine.

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Cannabis Cultivation to Cannabis Medicine

Cannabis has been used as medicine for millennia. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, the Cannabis plant and its healing properties were under prohibition for decades. Luckily, modern day scientific knowledge is constantly evolving and we are experiencing an awakening of honouring the spirit of this plant and what it offers. Through legalized medicinal use, Cannabis is becoming more common in Canadian health care.

In this Cannabis Cultivation course, Dr. Terry Willard Ph.D. along with many experts guide you through all aspects of a year-round growing season. You can start simply with one plant in your garden, or scale up to larger crops and cultivation systems. Interviews with various experts from different backgrounds make this course engaging, educational, and fun.

Learn the most efficient way to grow Cannabis with the best yields and the most potent medicine from those with years of experience and passion!

Interested in learning how to transform your cannabis crop into your own home apothecary?

Learn how to make medical cannabis preparations such as infused oils, gummies and more, and how to determine best dosing cannabis for common health conditions in our 3-in-1 Cannabis Course Bundle.

Course Introduction || 1 video

Lesson 1 – Seeds  || 3 Videos
1.1 Selecting the seeds

Lesson 2 – Propagation || 5 Videos
2.1 Germination
2.2 Transplanting
2.3 Cloning

Lesson 3 – Indoor or Outdoor || 5 Videos
3.1 Indoor
3.2 Outdoor

Lesson 4 – Planting Out || 9 Videos
4.1 Soil
4.2 Watering
4.3 Pruning

Lesson 5 – Botany || 6 Videos
5.1 Vegetative and flowering stages
5.2 Confusions in terminology

Lesson 6 – Harvesting & Curing || 6 Videos
6.1 The indicators
6.2 Mold detection
6.3 Drying in the dark
6.4 Curing

Lesson 7 – Breeding || 5 Videos
7.1 Pollen collection
7.2 Being the pollinator
7.3 Collecting & storing seeds


Credits: 26 total hours

This course will introduce you to the basics of growing cannabis, both indoor and outdoor, for use recreationally and medicinally.
You will be guided through specific techniques of seeding, planting, harvesting and curing your cannabis plants in order to grow healthy and potent plants. You will also learn how to propagate and pollinate your plants to create future generations.

Meet The Instructors

Meet Your Instructors, College Founder and Clinical Herbalist Dr. Terry Willard Ph.D., and Alexandra Luppold, Instructor of Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden.


Dr. Terry Willard, PhD

Dr. Terry Willard PhD, Cl.H. is the founder & former director of Wild Rose Herbal College, and has been in clinical practice for almost 40 years.

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Alexandra Luppold Open Arms 1 1

Alexandra Luppold

Alexandra is a German Garden Master & Instructor for Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden. She farms organically on Vancouver Island.

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