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Western Materia Medica I

Western Materia Medica I and II will cover the broad diversity of medicinal and healing plants used by Western Herbalists. This includes medicinal plants and fungi from all over the world with the exception of China and India, which will be covered by our coursework in Traditional Chinese Materia Medica (TCMM) and Traditional Ayurvedic Materia Medica (TAMM).

Students will be expected to be familiar with many herbs already, such as those learned in Herbology I as well as have at least an introductory background in pharmacognosy as learned in Herbology II.

WMMI and WMM II might be looked at as a “tying it all together course” in the area of herbs used by Western practitioners who use herbs for the betterment of their patients and themselves, consistent with the mission of our College.

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Includes: 11 lessons – 11 quizzes – Final Exam – Official Letter of Completion

1. Introduction to Physiomedicalism
2. Introduction to Energetic Medicine
3. Botanicals used in diseases of the digestive tract
4. Botanicals used to modulate secretions of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas
5. Botanicals used in diseases of the cardiovascular system
7. Botanicals used in diseases of the joints and muscles
8. Botanicals used in diseases of the respiratory tract
9. Botanicals used in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract
10. Botanicals used in reproductive disease
11. Botanicals used in diseases of the nervous system

36 Credit hours

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